15 creative ideas for holding a bright anniversary at home

The word “home” we call the anniversary purely conditional, meaning that you plan to organize the holiday yourself. A professional host is rejected for two reasons – to save money, or you just don’t want to invite a stranger to a family celebration.

I must say that I will not describe any contests from the repertoire of the presenters, since most of them are based on the charisma and artistry of a particular presenter. Often you need complex props that you need to buy or make yourself. A special music or sound selection is required for tasks (it is included by a trained DJ at the right time). An experienced host knows how to engage and stir up guests, quickly finds a way out in an unusual situation and has proven jokes that are easy to insert during pauses and hitches.

For a home anniversary, all this fun is not suitable. And who knows better than you those guests who will come to congratulate you on an important holiday. It is quite possible that some contests and banal poems will not be liked by anyone at all.

We have compiled a selection of creative tasks for guests that are easy to organize. Funny photo frames, Souvenirs, and even art objects made by the guests will remain in memory.


I would like to remind you that now there are great ready-made products for quick decoration of the holiday. Paper decor can be delicate or very bright-it all depends on the choice of colors.

In a few minutes, even a large room can be decorated with wrappers, paper lanterns-accordions, lanterns-honeycombs, tassels and stars.

All this is attached to the walls and ceiling with special clips and hooks — they are easily removed from all surfaces except paper Wallpaper.

Photo zone

It is very important to pay attention to the design of the apartment or Banquet hall for photographing guests. You have enough photos from past anniversaries on the background of curtains, Wallpaper and cabinets! Let there be beautiful frames on the background of a special banner or a beautiful wall with flowers, ribbons, forfeits, etc. Here are tips for organizing a simple photo zone.

Stock up on some fun mustaches on sticks, interesting accessories such as glasses, hats, bright Boas. These images are very funny and bright. Ready-made kits are also available in holiday stores.


This is some kind of action that all the guests of the holiday are notified about, and for the hero of the occasion until the last moment it remains a secret.

For example, you can ask everyone to bring a bouquet of white flowers only. Or, in addition to the bouquet, ask to take one red balloon with helium with you. A trifle, but all this makes an impression on the hero of the day. Some guests came with balloons, then others, and others… If there are 5 people in the family, everyone should have a balloon! At some point in the middle of the holiday, everyone goes outside to make a wish with the launch of balloons.

You can also agree that during the dance, all men will be given room flappers with rose petals, and they will shower the birthday girl from head to toe with silk leaves (a man can be filled with money bills — there are also such flappers).

Lottery with prizes

Everyone loves lotteries. Everything! Come up with cute prizes that you will give to several lucky people during the holiday. To organize a lottery, just take a small round vase (aquarium) and ask for dense cards to write or draw a good greeting for the hero of the day and write your name. At some point, announce a prize draw. Pull cards, read aloud wishes or comment on pictures, and award winners.

If there are children at the party, make a separate vase for them and” accidentally ” pull out all the cards.

Collective gift to the hero of the day

Guests for the anniversary gather gradually, so I recommend that the most punctual ones get carried away with one common creative activity. Here are the options (all this can continue until the last minute of the celebration during pauses):

The overall picture for the hero of the day

Now ready-made canvases are sold on a stretcher. You only need to ask a person with artistic abilities to come up with a fun coloring story about the hero of the occasion. Next to the canvas, put jars of paint and invite guests to paint parts of the picture. In the end, you should get a collective masterpiece that will remain for a long time.


If you don’t want your guests to use colors, ask them to make a collage about the hero of the day. To do this, you need a large sheet of paper attached to a wall or some kind of Board. And next to it, put a lot of clippings from glossy magazines. Beautiful houses, cars, figures of models, bright accessories (bags, jewelry, gloves, shoes), perfume, etc. you can take photos of gorgeous Islands with palm trees, pictures with bouquets, jewelry. You still need a lot of cut-out faces of the birthday boy, which guests will stick together with the pictures on a sheet of paper. Use a glue stick.

If your guests have a good imagination, you will remember a cool collage with the wish “good luck, health, love and wealth”. People sometimes make such “wish cards” for themselves, and you will find many examples on the Internet.

World map with tags

It is also an interesting gift for the hero of the day. It is especially relevant if you have invited guests from different countries to the anniversary. For example, someone specially flew from a European country. Hang a map on which guests will mark their city with special stickers. Great!

However, if all relatives and friends live in the same city, hang a map of the city. Let your guests to celebrate your home or street. Also clearly!

An unexpected character

You can persuade one of the guests to appear in an unusual way. The appearance of a bright character always amuses the audience. They take photos with him, dance with him, and hug him.

You can rent a costume of a growth doll.

You can wear a funny inflatable costume (they are sold and rented). Even the unexpected appearance of a character in a mask with a cloud of balloons attracts the attention of children and adults.

Let there be a fun birthday greeting, a fun dance in a huge costume, and giving away balloons to guests. Fun!

Dance battle

This happens in the second half of the celebration, when the guests have a desire to get up from the table and stretch. The charismatic leader of the dance battle organization turns out very effectively, and we need to do with minimal effort. It is best to divide the guests into 4 groups and invite them to pull out a piece of paper with the name of the dance from the “hat”. We don’t need to say it out loud — we just give teams the opportunity to mentally prepare and remember the main movements. We prepare recordings of 4 dances, for example: rock and roll, latina, hop-hop. Each group dances one dance in the center, and all the other guests make a large circle and support. In the apartment, this will not work, so the teams dance just alternately.

It would be nice to distribute some accessories — funny plastic glasses, bandanas, shawls, beads, etc.

Among the dancers, a large inflatable figure looks spectacular (they are called “walkers”). They are inflated with helium, and in the legs-weights. The figure moves from the air flow, so it seems that this is another dancer on the anniversary.

Time capsule with promises

Promises to the birthday boy or hero of the day can, of course, be given in words. But if all this is written down on paper and put in a beautiful box that you will open and check at the next anniversary, the promises take on a special meaning. This kind of entertainment is especially popular with the elderly, who have many favorite children and grandchildren. Young people find it difficult to find time for good things.

We write promises in advance on pieces of paper and allow each guest , even the smallest, to draw their own. You can simply pass a hat with notes around the circle of guests sitting at the table.

What could it be? “Call (here the name of the hero of the day) every Monday” (Tuesday, Wednesday, etc., so that every day a native person calls).

Everything should be very specific: “Invite guests once a month”, “Invite to the theater or to the movies”, “Go to tea on the second Sunday of each month”, “Walk in the Park in any weather every third Saturday of the month”, “Invite to the cafe”, “Dress up the Christmas tree before the New year”, “Help collect apples”, etc. If there are many relatives and friends, the hero of the day will have an eventful life.

Master classes for guests

Often such master classes are held at events, where guests make a gift to themselves in memory of the holiday. Do not start any complicated products (such as handmade chocolates). But the painting of gingerbread is quite possible to organize, and not only children like to do it.

To do this, you need to put an additional table and chairs for 4-5 people (gingerbread can be painted in turn). Special stores in almost every city sell gingerbread cakes of different shapes (just blanks without decorations) and bags with colored glazes. There is also a beautiful topping and packaging.

Selfie with the hero of the day
Immediately announce that each guest must take a selfie with the hero of the day before leaving. It is better to allocate a separate smartphone for these purposes, so that all the frames are together, otherwise you will not be questioned later.

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