18 ways to celebrate cool adulthood

Coming of age is one of the most important dates in life. Yes, you can now. Where to start the road to adulthood so that it will be remembered forever? We offer 18 ways to celebrate 18 years to make it memorable.

For party people

1. You can feel like a Golden youth from an American film by throwing a crazy party in a two-story Party-Bus.

2. Another option for fans of luxury holidays — a boat trip-a worthy response to the coming of age.

3. If the party on the road and on the water is not suitable, then you can arrange a mover in the club. The main thing is that the birthday boy should be in the center of attention. It is forbidden to spend a birthday at the age of 18 sitting modestly in a corner. Only the center of the dance floor! And if you don’t want to get in the way, you can arrange a dance in the PlayLoft game space.

4. The cherished age of 18 opens up not only a lot of new opportunities, but also imposes certain responsibilities. Cooking courses will help you become more independent. And no borscht, the dishes will be much more interesting!

5. You can celebrate the age of majority at home. Buy red American-style beer pong cups, dine on pasta and pizza in Italian, or treat guests to Pina colada at a Hawaiian party. To cool off a little after a hot evening — ice cream cake for dessert.

6. If you are bored on water and land, the sky remains. Flying on an airplane over architectural monuments will not be erased from memory, and it will not be a shame to put a tick next to the entry “not in vain lived youth”.

7. Coming of age day will definitely be unforgettable if you spend it somewhere else. It’s cool to break down and go with friends to Eurotour, but there is an easier option, but no less interesting: celebrate your birthday in the virtual reality club! You are waiting for unusual places that are not found in this world.

8. You can follow the life of a star and dream of meeting her. And you can be a star yourself! At the age of 18, do not hesitate to arrange a model photo session.

For creators

9. Discos, clubs and parties-banal? Self-development is the main thing! Mark your entry into adulthood by acquiring a cool skill: go to a master class and become a better person.

10. Travel is always a new emotion and experience that is not superfluous. Do not limit the celebration scenario to one day, stretch the fun for a week or two by flying to some exotic place where you have not been before. And better — which you have not even heard of!

11. In the SPA salon, you can relax, clean up and enjoy the peace and solitude. An option for all those who are tired of studying and exams — and if you think that this is only suitable for a girl, then you are deeply mistaken! Guys also get tired and want to relax and look great.

12. You can share this day not only with a large company, but also with great love. Dinner for two in the restaurant will be no less memorable than a party with friends.

13. Passing the Rubicon, look around: who are you and what the future holds? Meditate in nature or go to an experienced psychologist to face adult life boldly.

For experimenters

14. Extreme entertainment gives a storm of impressions. Today, there is a huge selection of things to tickle your nerves: ropejumping, carts, climbing walls, and much more.

15. If you fulfill your dreams, then you should not pay attention to small things. Have you wanted a piercing or tattoo for a long time? There may not be a better time.

16. Before you finally become an adult, you can try to become someone else: feel free to gather friends and go on one of the quests

17. People today are more sophisticated than 30 years ago, and it is more difficult to surprise them. But if you want to see in reality one of the planets of the Confederation, a cozy room in the spirit of Silent Hill or the world, the colors are not inferior to the Earth Uuu from Adventure Time. Yes, not just see, but participate! And all this with just a virtual reality helmet.

18. And at all. 18, which means you can. You can choose several items at once for a special day, why limit yourself to one thing, especially when you want everything at once?

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