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Child’s birthday: step-by-step instructions

Believe me, you can arrange a great holiday once a year for your baby, and using the advice
of experienced organizers, you can do it yourself.

The theme of the holiday

Why is it important to choose a topic in the first place? It is on this choice that your entire
flight of thought depends. If you do not want to dedicate a holiday to one hero or one fairy tale, just choose a color!
Well, let’s have an orange party where everyone is in an orange mood.

Site selection

If we are talking about an apartment, there is not much choice. It just needs to be the most
spacious room with a minimum of furniture and sharp corners. In the apartment it is better to
divide the dining and playing areas. Let the program take place in one room, and the table
with treats is in the other. It is safer, and there is more space for active games.
But if you decide on a cafe or children’s club, it already makes sense to choose a room with
the theme of the holiday. Agree, it is strange if you spend the “birthday of the Princess”, and
on the walls of some Minions or Batman.

The design of the room

The design of the holiday can be entrusted to professionals, but you can do it with your own
hands, with the help of improvised materials and ready-made elements of paper decor,
which are sold in our time in any city.
Naturally, we stick to the chosen theme, but we try not to overdo it. Do not use all the design
techniques at the same time. Everything should be beautiful and joyful.

Photo zone

Photo zone is necessary! Let it be something simple, but to photograph children against the
background of Wallpaper and cabinets-a shame. To organize such a bright wall, you need
quite a bit, believe me.
If you have chosen a character, print out the pictures with his images on the Internet and
create a photo zone. Beautiful pictures from a child’s birthday party is a lovely memory and a
source of positivity for many years.

Who will take pictures?

This is an important question. Assign the person responsible for the reportage photography
before the holiday, because the training footage is also very interesting. As my mother sets
the table. As dad hangs up the balls. As the whole family together carves the petals for a
giant flower.
If there are a lot of volunteer photographers (for example, someone’s parents), ask everyone
to collect photos so that you can then choose the best shots and exchange “happy

Holiday printing, invitations and napkins

The stores have enough of this stuff. I remind you again! Do not buy napkins, tablecloths,
caps, until you decide on the theme of the holiday.
However, you can create masterpieces from ordinary napkins.
And you can make cards for guests in the form of animals and birds. They can not only be
put on plates, but also hung from a chandelier at different heights in the form of a mobile
phone, used as elements for decorating the photo zone.


Yes, it’s easier to order pizza. Eat, definitely. But if you are a creative mother, let’s try here.
Piglets and chicken skewers are particularly popular (they are cooked in a frying pan and in
the oven).
You can prepare the most ordinary dishes and sandwiches, but try to decorate them

What to do for guests before the holiday

Not always guests come at the same time. Sometimes it takes 30-40 minutes to gather
guests. During this time ,the “first swallows” have time to get bored, so you need to take care
of their leisure time. The easiest way, of course, is to include cartoons.
You can also hang a large sheet of paper with some drawing and give the children pencils to
participate in a joint congratulatory newspaper for the birthday boy.
Great idea-cardboard house-coloring. This is a fairly large structure (up to 1 meter high),
which can be painted from all sides at once. Just don’t give me the paint! Wax crayons and
pencils-also good!

Entertainment program

This is a program in which children take an active part. If you feel the strength to arrange
such a holiday yourself, take ready-made scripts and selections of competitions, which are
many on the Internet.
You can actively have fun for 1.5-2 hours. Then-all! Children get tired. You need to arrange a
small snack and organize something where you do not need to run and answer questions.
Kids can be shown a puppet theater, older children need something more interesting-a
scientific show, for example.
If nothing is planned, it is very successful to show old records from previous holidays.

Master classes

For mothers-needlewomen there is nothing difficult!
All materials for master classes can be easily purchased in the online store. Children are
happy to paint t-shirts, make a “rainbow” in a bottle of colored sand and decorate photo
frames with a hot gun. Even boys don’t mind doing this!
As a souvenir, children take with them a souvenir that they made with their own hands.

Prizes and gifts for guests

I do not recommend giving prizes during contests. This is distracting, and sometimes even
leads to conflicts. All the time something is lost, falls, comes off, etc. children begin to
change and beg each other for things.
It is best to prepare gifts and give them at the end of the holiday.

Expressive ending

Sometimes it’s just a cake with candles, which is made in the dark to the music. You can
arrange home special effects-cold fountains, sparklers, small firecrackers.
If space allows, order a surprise ball (this is a huge ball from which small balls, soft toys and
confetti fly out after the “explosion”).
Another cool thing — pinata. This is a hollow toy made of papier-mache, inside which a lot of
candy, small gifts and all sorts of tinsel.

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