How best to celebrate a teenager’s birthday?

Celebrate a teenager’s birthday so that “the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe”? This is not an easy task for parents of teenagers. After all, this is not baby birds, but still not quite adult boys and girls.

Why is it always so difficult to celebrate a teenager’s birthday?

It is very difficult to please a teenager in choosing a scenario for celebrating his birthday. Usually, preparing for an event looks like a continuous chain of puzzling problems that require immediate resolution.

Teenagers tend to grow up as soon as possible, to become an adult, so entertainment programs with clowns and pirates often seem to them “baby talk”. However, the really” adult ” program of the holiday is also not yet interesting to them, because in some respects they are still children.

In addition, in adolescence, a child is especially important what his friends think about him, so often the pleasure of a teenager from a holiday is measured in the number of admiring guest reviews.



Stay at home or go somewhere?

So, which is better-celebrate your birthday at home, or go somewhere? To make the right decision, you need to weigh several factors:

preferences and Hobbies of the birthday boy, 


expected weather, 

estimated holiday budget, 

number and composition of invitees, their features and preferences, 

physiological features of teenagers-the need to throw out energy in movement, dancing, outdoor games, competitions, 

the age — related need for teenagers to make as much noise as possible-to shout themselves and listen to loud music, 

the amount of free time you can devote to preparing the holiday. 

It is impossible to say exactly in advance which version of the holiday will be preferable for you. It all depends on your specific situation. But if you are thinking through the program for the birthday of a teenager, will not focus on how “accepted” to spend it, and not on how you yourself spent it in your childhood-most likely, you will get a really good holiday, and this day will be remembered by a teenager for a long time.

What to treat guests if you celebrate the birthday of a teenager at home?

A teenager’s birthday can be perfectly celebrated at home. Only one condition: you do not need to turn a birthday into a “snack” with several changes of dishes.

On the feast itself, you should stop in more detail. To the birthday party and guests were not “sluggish” and literally tired of the abundant food, it is best to organize a buffet table or buffet. Serve to this table should be snacks on convenient skewers, various sandwiches, pies, cookies with surprises, a lot of soft drinks. The food is simple but satisfying. It is very good if there is a lot of fruit on the table. You can also prepare some one — but only really one-simple “signature” dish. However, remember that the appetite of teenagers is excellent, which means that the food on your “buffet” should not only be diverse and beautiful — it should be just a lot.

And at the end of the feast – of course, a cake with candles, because no matter what teenagers say, at heart they are still the same little children who love sweets and surprises.

How best to celebrate a teenager’s birthday?

The choice of a scenario for the celebration of a teenager’s birthday depends not only on the financial capabilities of the parents, but also on the tastes and preferences of the birthday boy and the entire invited company. Of course, in any case, there will be a lot of music, noise, running and dancing. But this is still not enough to make the holiday unforgettable.


The feast must be “diluted” with fun, moderately “adult” competitions. Think about and prepare them in advance. It is necessary to choose competitions for a holiday together with the birthday boy — character and interests at all different so only the teenager will be able to decide, whether the competitions pleasant to you for his company will go. And do not forget that the winners of competitions are entitled to prizes.


Playing different games is fun for any age, although the games are different. Teenagers often like intellectual games with elements of competition-erudite, danetki, burime or anagram, etc. However, it is much more likely that they will be carried away by games that require movement and noise — for example, kinopantomima, impromptu theater, candle, recognition, dancing with an orange, and so on. Very well usually perceived team quest type “find the treasure”. But whatever games you choose for a teenage holiday, remember that they should be interesting for all guests and should not offend anyone.

Theme party

Recently, it has become increasingly popular to celebrate a birthday party on a pre-designated theme. The success of such a holiday is determined, of course, by its organization. The theme of the party should be interesting to all invited. Guests should have enough time to prepare for the party. Usually on such holidays there is a cosplay, so you need to have some stock of thematic items of clothing for guests who did not have time to prepare their own costume. Games, contests and menus for theme parties are also selected very carefully.

Choosing a theme for such a party is a separate matter. Attempts to persuade teenagers to “fairy-tale” subjects usually end in failure, even if they are interested in fairy tales — because it is necessary to demonstrate their “adulthood”. It is much better if the topic is related to a movie or a computer game, the main thing here is that they are familiar to everyone in the company. Girls may like “fashion show” or “cat party”, boys – “wild West”, any teenagers like parties on the “vampire” theme, fruit (orange, banana, etc.), color (black and white, red, etc.).), sometimes-geographical (Japanese, Indian, American, Russian, or just sea, cave, mountain, etc.). And of course, the birthday boy should play a major role on the holiday.

Where can I go to celebrate a teenager’s birthday?

Celebrating a teenager’s birthday outside the house is both easier and more difficult than at home. On the one hand, you will not need to cook anything, you do not need to think about a big cleaning after the holiday, it is easier to organize entertainment and in General you can invite the presenters with a ready-made birthday scenario. But on the other hand, such an event, firstly, can be very difficult for the family budget, and secondly, assumes your responsibility for all minor guests that you invite to the holiday.

If the funds allow, and you are sure that the adults on the holiday will be enough to ensure that nothing happens to the guests of your teenager, you can choose from several options.

A teenager’s birthday can be very fun to celebrate in the water Park, rollerdrome, climbing wall or ride on Quad bikes. The main advantage of such a celebration is that the birthday boy and his guests have a place to “turn around”. You can run from the heart, jump, scream – break away from the soul.

Just sit in a cafe-a common, but boring option for teenagers. Usually it is combined with a visit to a bowling club, cinema or entertainment center.

Many teenagers will surely enjoy playing “shooting games” – paintball, laser tag, quasar.

A teenage girl can be pleased by arranging a professional photo shoot or shooting a “movie” in her honor — she can feel like a real singer, model or actress.

Perhaps the teenager and his friends share a common hobby, such as Cycling. Then organize a trip to some beautiful and unusual place-a great option.

Another great option is a birthday party at the equestrian club. They usually arrange sledding or carriage rides, depending on the time of year, and you can always ride a pony or horse.

If it is summer outside, then you can celebrate the birthday of a teenager by having a picnic in the woods, on the lake, in the country. It is only important not to forget, along with snacks and barbecue to grab another ball or a set for playing badminton.

Very interesting are the holidays, where teenagers are offered a live quest: participants must play a certain story and solve a series of puzzles, while visiting several objects in the city. To organize a live quest, you need to contact special agencies, because the success of the event depends primarily on the professionalism of the hosts.

And finally, you can always order a thematic holiday-show with professional hosts, which is held either in a cafe, or in a special club, or on a rented river tram. 

Should I invite relatives to a teenager’s birthday party?

Should adults celebrate a teenager’s birthday with their friends? Often parents on the birthday of a teenager invite “their” adult company. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, other relatives and friends of the family gather to admire the birthday boy and congratulate his happy parents. Of course, parents have the right to share their joy with these close people, but the teenager himself believes, as a rule, that sitting at home with his family is childish and boring, and in some ways he is right. After all, for all the relatives present, he remains a child, and after congratulations begin completely uninteresting teenager “adult” conversations, during which he plays only the role of scenery.

If you can not refuse a family celebration with relatives-divide the company. Let the teenager accept the congratulations of adults, but his main holiday will still be separate, with a group of friends. It is best if these two events can be held not on the same day, but on different days. First-the actual birthday of your teenager. Well, the next day or the next weekend — family get-togethers with relatives. It is unlikely that a teenager will refuse to extend his holiday for another day, but the solemn family feast in this case will not seem so painful to him. 

The birthday of a teenager is, first of all, not different troubles, but a holiday with a capital letter. Let this holiday become the most favorite and unforgettable for Your teenager!

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