How to give money for a man’s or woman’s birthday in an original way

How to give money for a birthday in an original way, turning a banal gift into a real masterpiece! ? A lot of creative ideas, how to make a financial gift for a man and a woman interesting and tasteful.
How to give money for a birthday in an original way-picture selection of a birthday gift is not an easy task, but there is one win-win option for a gift whose name is money. It is crispy bills that occupy one of the leading positions in the scale of the most desirable gifts, since giving money, we provide an opportunity for the birthday person to choose a gift to their liking. Any whim, so to speak…

But this “whim” should be designed in the best possible way, so that the hero of the occasion does not get the impression that they just want to “buy off” him by choosing the simplest version of the gift. To do this, we need a little imagination, a pinch of humor, a little ingenuity and, voila-a banal gift turns into a masterpiece!

How to give money for a man’s birthday in an original way

Men, as you know, are less picky about what they are given, as a result of which there was an ill-fated set of “socks + deodorant”, which to this day is often “pampered” representatives of the stronger sex on any holidays. There is an opinion that money can also be given to men “without bothering”, they say, and so it will come down, you will still have to spend it. Nothing like this, in fact, there are many options for how to give money for a man’s birthday in an original way, and they should definitely be used. So, if the hero of the occasion smokes, you can give him a cigarette case filled not with cigarettes, but with bills rolled up into tubes. No less interesting and original gift is a carpet made of money. To make it, you need plastic files, a stapler, and, in fact, “money-money”. In each file to put in three bills, and then join these files together with staples and office staples. It turns out a rectangular “carpet”, which should be given under the appropriate toast. The furor from such a gift is provided! A panel made of money will also not leave indifferent any man-hero of the day. The main thing is to arrange it in the appropriate subject. For example, a car lover can give an application of bills folded in the form of a car on the background of a photo of a night highway. A yacht with a money sail or a fish made of bills that can be made using the origami method is a wonderful surprise for fishing enthusiasts. Giving such gifts, you can once again make sure that men are able to rejoice like children!

How to give money to a woman in an original way

Women love surprises, so you should think carefully in advance how to give money to the fairer sex, so that it turned out bright and enchanting! A real hostess can be presented as a gift with a jar of money, decorated in the form of seasonal pickles. This is very easy to do! Fill the bottle with bills, seal the lid, which can be beautifully disguised with a bright piece of fabric and a ribbon. On the printer, print a label with the image of cabbage and write “Cabbage of plenty in its own juice”on it. Decorate the jar with this sticker and feel free to go on a holiday! Believe that such a gift will outshine even the most expensive gift, and your invention will be legendary.

Money tree, made with your own hands, is also able to delight any birthday girl, especially since gifts in the style of “hand-made” are now on a special account. To make it, you will need a flower pot, copper wire, sea pebbles or stones for decoration, thread, superglue and money. From the wire, we make a tree frame with branches, then mark it in a pot with stones and fix it with glue. Branches are decorated with “leaves” of bills, folded in the form of butterflies and tied with thread. Some 20 minutes, and before you a real work of art!

A great gift for ladies will be beads made of walnuts with a surprise. The nutshell is perfect as a hiding place for the money you want to give away. Making such a decoration is very simple. To do this, you need to get the contents of the nuts, but in such a way that the halves of the shell remain intact. Then fold the bills so that each of them fits into one nut, while it is worth considering that you will need to thread a needle with a thread through it. We glue our halves with superglue, paint the beads in a color that you prefer and thread them on a thread. Everything, the gift is ready! No fashionista will refuse such “jewelry”, we assure you, and your present will be remembered as the most original!

A bill folded in the form of a dress or nightgown, Packed in many packages and Newspapers and presented with the words ” Here’s a new thing for you!”it will be an occasion for fun not only for the birthday girl, but also for all those present at the festive table. The look in her eyes as she opens package after package is worth capturing on a video camera.

As you can see, money can also be given so that your gift will be remembered for a lifetime! Complete it with beautiful wishes and a bright toast that will become an exclamation point in your greeting!

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