How to organize a child’s birthday 5-10 years at home: step-by-step instructions

Celebrate a child’s birthday especially want: with a flourish or not as always. But what to do if you do not want to stop at the banal children’s sweet table, and funds for fashion entertainment is not enough. Take matters into your own hands. After all, for sure, the mother or grandmother of the hero of the day already has experience in organizing significant dates: children’s christening or godovasiya, birthday 5-10 years. Therefore, we will celebrate the child’s birthday at home. The opinion that home children’s holidays are boring and monotonous is wrong.

Celebrating the birthday of a child 5-10 years: the theme of the holiday


To decide how to celebrate a child’s birthday, you need to choose the theme of the celebration. And not because thematic holidays are fashionable and interesting, but to make it easier to come up with ideas and play out situations.

It is around the theme that we will spin the plot and play out scenes, select scenery, costumes and treats, add entertainment and games, select music and prizes for participation in competitions.

You can choose a classic theme for children: a pirate party or a sea holiday, gatherings of princesses or a trip around the world.

Or move away from the standards and choose a topic that is interesting to your child.

The boy is fond of football-feel free to choose a football quest.

Adores daughter cartoon Cold heart – this is also a good theme for a children’s holiday.

I don’t like the idea of dedicating a birthday to a certain fairy-tale or cartoon character, take a historical, fantastic or cosmic story as a basis. 

You can focus on a particular profession or field of science. Very interesting are the holidays of young cosmonauts, firefighters, as well as parties of chemists, circus performers, biologists.

Do not like themed celebrations-choose the main color of the holiday. A Sunny or striped birthday is also fun.

Organization of the birthday of a child 5-10 years: choose the place of the holiday

The choice of where to celebrate a birthday depends largely on the time of year. In the summer, there are even more opportunities for a home holiday. After all, you can have a picnic in the garden or gatherings with games, quests in the yard of your own or country house.

It is more difficult to choose a place for living in apartments.

But even in this case, you can organize a birthday party in the gazebo or move part of the program to the Playground.

If you have to spend a holiday in an apartment or house, immediately determine the area for the “Banquet” and games.

The room should not have piles of furniture and sharp corners. It is better to spread a place for active games and a table with treats in different rooms.

Invite guests

Inviting guests to a birthday party is an important stage of organizing a successful holiday.

On the one hand, I want to call as many friends, classmates, relatives, so that everyone can please the hero of the day.

But remember that the number of guests is limited not only by the financial capabilities of the parents, but, first of all, the place for placing children.

Also keep in mind that one adult will not be able to organize the leisure of a large number of children.

If more than 20 people will be present at the festival, then 3 adults must be present.

If the children’s company will be of different ages, or the holiday is planned to be held on the street, the number of adults present may have to increase.


Birthday invitations

Invitations are better to send out or hand over 7-10 days before the planned date of the holiday.

It is not enough to make a beautiful invitation, be sure to specify the time, date, venue, duration of the holiday. If necessary, the dress code is specified in the invitation.

Birthday decoration

It is very convenient to buy ready-made sets for room decoration.

Usually such sets include not only decorations, but also printing, candles, accessories for a fun holiday, cards, balls, etc.

But if you buy all this separately or decided to make some jewelry with your own hands, use our cheat sheet to remember nothing.

For table setting you will need:


disposable tableware;



labels for chocolate;

candy cups;


boxes for bonbonnieres;

baskets for popcorn;

labels for juice;

cupcake stands;

candles for the cake.


For children’s birthday you will need:

the party hats;

garland ” Happy birthday»;







gift bags;


three-dimensional numbers and letters;

gifts-Souvenirs to guests.


Decor to choose from:

big flowers;

check box;



cardboard figures;

inflatable toy;

honeycomb balls;

fans for decoration;

paper POM-poms;

volume stars;


theme pictures.

Preparing a photo shoot

Photographing a children’s holiday is also an important moment. Here you need to take into account several important points, if you decide to deal with this issue yourself.

First, the photo zone. Of course, pictures at the table, during games, entertainment are lively and fun.

But children will definitely pose, shoot in groups, in pairs, one at a time. If you do it against the background of cabinets or just a wall with Wallpaper in a flower, the idea of a photo shoot will simply be ruined.

On the same wall, create a photo zone. To do this, just print out cool themed pictures or buy a special sticker on the wall.

Secondly, who is going to remove. Here often works principle: either all, or no one.

Therefore, after the holiday often does not remain memorable photos or they are all at different people.

It is best to assign someone one responsible for photography.

Let the older brother or uncle or aunt take pictures of the children during the photo shoot, and at the table, during games.

If, however, the invited parents will take photos on their own, ask everyone to send pictures via social networks to make a high-quality selection and send it to the guests.

Preparing a children’s table

If you plan a long holiday, children must be fed – in this case, do only sweet table will not work.

Do not expect that children do not eat well, shy away and so on.

After outdoor games, and even in a fun company eat everything. The main thing is to prepare the right dishes, cool to decorate them and serve on time.

What exactly to cook?

The choice is huge: pizza, chicken skewers, tartlets with various fillings, sandwiches, salads.

Guests gather

Quite a responsible moment is the gathering of guests. Even if the invitations indicate the exact time of the beginning of the holiday, children can gather up to 40 minutes. And someone will come before the appointed time, and someone will be late.

By the way, it is not accepted to wait more than 15-20 minutes from the specified time in invitations.

Often time is associated with the beginning of the performance of animators, holding shows or serving hot dishes.

And yet, what to do with the first guests, while the latecomers are being pulled up.

Of course, you can just turn on the cartoons. But children will quickly get tired of this activity.

Therefore, we think about how to organize children’s leisure time before the main entertainment program.

It is better to come up with collective activities, for example, to ask children to make a greeting poster for the hero of the day.

Another interesting option – houses-coloring. This design is quite large, so it has access for several children at the same time. Give the guests pencils, crayons-let them draw before the beginning of the main part of the holiday.

Entertainment program

The easiest way is to invite animators. With them, you can pre-specify the theme of the holiday, get acquainted with the scenario and if you want to make your own adjustments.

Corrections in ready-made programs of animators are not always allowed.

And the duration of the service is limited. Usually animators at a birthday party entertain children for about 1.5-2 hours.

Next-the task of the organizers of the holiday to deal with the guests. But usually just 2 hours is enough for active fun, then the children simply get tired.

If you decide to make a script yourself or choose a suitable program, consider a number of nuances. Suitable for this age group:

energetic sports and relay games;

quest programs;

the thematic team competition;

solving riddles, puzzles, charades;

the solution of logical problems;

show with soap bubbles;

theatrical performance;

interactive program;

performing magic tricks;

making figures from balloons;


creative workshops;

board game.

The main thing is to beat any entertainment in accordance with the chosen theme.

Contests and other entertainment should be designed not only for the birthday boy, but for all guests. This is especially difficult to achieve when children of different ages gather.

In this case, you can alternate games for older and younger children, to attract more adult guests to the competitions for kids.

To keep the children’s attention, build the program in such a way that each subsequent contest was more interesting than the previous one.

It is necessary to alternate active games with quiet contests. It is the change of activities that helps to maintain the interest of children.

The main principle when choosing quizzes and games-all children should participate. If the program is made correctly, children almost never refuse to participate in competitions.

Correctly calculate the necessary props for games. Attributes should be enough for all children.

For example, if you offer children to make funny dogs out of balls, then prepare at least 20 balls for 10 participants in case someone spoils their ball.

Rest time

Inevitably, children will get tired of outdoor games and fun.

It would be logical to arrange a small snack at this stage. But children, unlike adults, will not conduct small talk at the table.

Therefore, you need to think about this part of the program, when the guests become not participants, but spectators.

Alternatively, you can hold a science show with invited animators. But if you take all the stages of the holiday on yourself, plan to show interesting videos, for example, from previous holidays.

Gifts to guests

Why did we leave the theme of gifts for guests for the last time? Because it is better not to give children prizes during the holiday.

Inevitably, guests will open, unfold, drop, view, break, exchange gifts. There may even be conflicts or unfounded grievances.

So think about other awards for competitions-let it be “Golden doubloons” on the holiday of pirates or seashells on the sea birthday. And give incentive prizes to children at the end of the holiday.

The final celebration

The culmination of the holiday should be an expressive ending.

Usually this is a themed birthday cake with numbers or the name of the hero of the day, festive candles.

It is effectively entered in complete darkness, after which the birthday boy or the birthday girl blows out the candles.

But in addition to the cake, you can choose a chocolate fountain or sweet fondue.

Exit in the dark can be accompanied by home special effects in the form of sparklers, cold fountains, crackers.

Effectively looks at the children’s birthday surprise ball.

Usually such a huge ball is filled with soft toys, small balls and confetti, which fly out after the explosion of the ball.

Or a pinata.

A large toy made of papier-mache is suspended from the ceiling.

It is filled with small gifts, tinsel, candy, and other small things. 

The toy is broken by the birthday boy, and funny gifts for everyone are scattered from it.

This is a beautiful finale, and the opportunity to coolly distribute gifts to guests.

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