How to spend the birthday of a child 1-5 years old?

Ideas for celebrating a birthday of a child 1-5 years old

The first birthday of a child is a very exciting day for parents. How to spend it so that the
memories of it remained for a long time, and the day was full of positive emotions?
Parents want to celebrate their first birthday in a special way. To organize a great fun
holiday, you need to prepare for a long time and do not miss anything:

Determine the venue:

house, cafe, nature.
Be sure to consider the needs of the child. If it’s summer outside, you can safely organize a
holiday in nature. The child will walk in the fresh air with the other children. And after a
holiday tired and full of emotions to go to a sound sleep.

Determine the time approximately.With a small child, this is quite a difficult task, because the timetable of a child changes very often

Determine the guest list.It is not necessary to invite people to the holiday, which the child does not know at all.
Children react differently to strangers. Let only the people closest to the child be on the
guest list. It will be very good if you invite the children.

Determine for yourself how you see the upcoming holiday:a fun holiday exclusively for children, or you want to have fun and adults; will the holiday is
thought out for all the little things or decide to do with a beautiful cake and balloons; will the
theme of the holiday. By answering these questions, you will be able to make a clear training
-Pick an outfit for the children
-Make or order invitations (optional)
-Make or order a wish book (not necessarily, but a memory will remain)
-Think about accessories for the holiday
-Determine how you will decorate the room
-Choose the right contests
-Think about how the holiday table will look like
-Order a beautiful cake in advance
-Print out photos from the first year of life

Scenarios of the child’s Birthday

The 1-5 years birthday of a child is a holiday that can tire them. Therefore, the scenario should
not be too rich for the child. Let the guests participate, but the child does not need to pull on
each contest. He’ll get tired of it quickly. You can make a General diagram of the scenario.
And already the mother based on the list of guests, the nature of the child, the venue and the
budget will clarify and Supplement it.


General scheme:

-Meeting guests.
Guests can be met in poetic form and officially. But, given that all the guests do not come at
the same time, you can just meet all the incoming
guests and receive gifts with the birthday boy on his hands. The kid will be happy with such an abundance of new things.
Invite the waiting guests to look at the birthday photo that you have hung on the walls or
photo posters
When all the guests have arrived, you can invite everyone to the table for the first pledge to
the child. After the toast, you can sing the birthday boy a classic song “Happy
birthday to you”. Toasts during the evening can be pronounced in a funny way. It’s a
children’s party. A toast speaker can hum a toast, can dance or talk while standing on a
In order not to tire the guests, it is better to present the competitions in parts. Alternating
between children and adults, moving and drinking.
Arrange a photo shoot while the baby is still not tired of everyone’s attention
In the interval between contests and toasts, make a memorable telegram for the child
together with the guests. Print the form. And ask the guests to name their wishes one by
one. Fill out the telegram. Then read out the result.
-Birthday cake
After the cake, you can include a film about the first year of the birthday boy’s life.
After the movie, ask your guests to fill out a wish book.

Theme Of the child’s Birthday

Of course, the main requirement for choosing the theme of the holiday-the theme should be
If the children’s birthday, then you can support such topics:
All the decoration of the holiday do with an emphasis on the famous football team. And put
the baby in a football Jersey with the appropriate logo and shorts. For the photo zone, use
the traditional ball, whistle, boots (nothing that adults)
Dress the child in a shirt and a bow tie. For a photo shoot, use a photo booth: mustache,
glasses. Make skewers with tailcoats on the ends for the candy bar.
Use blue tones in the design of the holiday. Put the child a jacket like a vest, tie a
handkerchief. A blue beret would be nice, too. Sea shells, stars, fish-mandatory elements of
the holiday in any form.
If the girl’s birthday, then you can support such topics:
The most popular theme. Everything is pale pink, beautiful and lush. Cute pink dress on the
baby, a headband with a flower on her head, a lot of pink balls. In General everything is cute
and pink
Use the shapes of owls wherever possible.

How to decorate a child’s Birthday?

The process of decorating a child’s birthday can be divided into several blocks:
Children’s room decoration
Decorations of the holiday venue
Table decoration
The use of accessories

Accessories for the child’s birthday

Accessories are little things that make a birthday party dressy and themed:
Wish book
Table decoration accessories
Paper POM-poms,
Book of wishes for the child’s Birthday.
The wish book is the thing you will keep for many years. Your child, when he grows up, will
be able to read a book and experience the most pleasant emotions
The wish book can be ordered from the masters, you can buy in the store, or you can make
it yourself. It is quite real to make it yourself and it will be very pleasant to understand that all
the efforts for a beloved child
It can be a softcover book (the most beautiful version), a hardcover book, just decorated with
a purchased notebook for notes
The book can be made exclusively for the first birthday and contain 10-15 thick sheets, and
may contain many sheets with the expectation that every year, according to tradition, it fit the
best words to the child.

Making a room for a child

It is better to arrange a room late at night, when the child is already asleep.
So, waking up in the morning, the baby will be delighted with how his room was transformed.
How to decorate a room:
Paper POM-poms
Figure 1
Paper flowers

Table for a child’s Birthday

The table can be decorated with:
Beautiful tablecloth. In stores you can find options for disposable tablecloths with children’s
themes. Tablecloth immediately give the table a festive look and the appropriate mood
Disposable colored plates. Plates can be selected in the same theme as the tablecloth. They
come in different sizes
Disposable colored cups. Similarly, the theme can be selected for tablecloths and plates
You can buy or make your own toppers for dishes
A bottle of champagne can be pasted with appropriate stickers
You can tie small bows on forks
Each guest can put a beautifully decorated napkin on a plate, and a beautifully packaged
chocolate bar next to it. This will serve as a bonbonniere for the guest.

Special attention should be paid to the design of children’s candy bar:

Buy a lot of different sweets: gelatins, marmalade, candy, jelly beans
Bake or order a beautiful cake. If you will bake yourself, then bake in beautiful disposable
paper forms for cupcakes
Prepare a lot of toppers.
Make a stretch over the candy bar with the words “Happy Birthday, Elizabeth”, for example
Put a lot of jars of juice
Spread out on a beautiful dish a lot of fruit


Invitations, as well as other accessories, you can make yourself, you can buy ready-made,
or you can order from the master
Invitations must correspond to the theme of the holiday
In invitations specify the date of the holiday and the approximate time

Birthday cake for a child

The child is unlikely to appreciate the beauty of the cake, but for memory and for photos, you
can order a beautiful cake that corresponds to the theme of the event, the child’s gender, the
interests of the child.

Posters for the Birthday of a child

It will be interesting to use posters containing photos of the child in the design. The poster
can depict anything in the children’s theme:
The train, which will be located in the cars of the photo
Clock, instead of time digits which-a photo of the child
Just a beautifully designed poster without any subject, where the frames will be photos
Posters can decorate the child’s room or corridor, if there is a holiday at home. If the holiday
is on the street-then hang it between the trees or on a prepared stand.

Balloons for a child’s Birthday

Balloons on a children’s holiday — this is a mandatory attribute. They create a festive
By the time the child wakes up, run a lot of helium balloons into the ceiling, and throw
colorful balloons on the floor. The child will be very happy with such a gift.
You can order a figure of balloons: a hare, a bear, a car. And you can choose a ball in the shape
of the number 1.
Child in 1 year balls can be buy the most ordinary without drawings, but different flowers.
There can be many variants of the number, but the meaning is the same everywhere: a
figure of the desired size is cut out of cardboard, flowers are made, and pasted on
A simplified option would be to wrap the figure completely with satin ribbon. You can attach a
bow on top, for example.

Photo session of the child’s Birthday

You can arrange a photo session on your own, or you can invite a photographer. To make
the pictures more interesting and to avoid plates in the background, it is better to organize a
photo zone.
Photo zone can be organized the most simple, which can be done easily with the help of
improvised means.
And you can try to spend more time on preparation and make a very interesting and
beautiful photo zone, near which any guest will want to take a photo. Or rent a photo Studio
for 1 hour.
The birthday should be spent so that the memory remained beautiful photos, videos and
just the best moments of the holiday.

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