The most unusual birthdays

Still thinking about how to celebrate your birthday in an original way? Tired of the monotony and familiar feasts? Why not use other unusual ways to make your holiday especially memorable?

No matter how old you are – 18 or 100, you can always come up with something special: a parachute jump, a long journey, a fun party with disguises or conquering the peaks.

Original birthday


Parachute jump in the 85-year anniversary

In 2011, Gary Lenzner, a survivor of a concentration camp during world War II, celebrated his 85th birthday in an unusual way, apparently to prove to himself that the difficulties of life did not undermine him in any way.

Gary jumped with a parachute from a height of 3 thousand meters, however, in tandem with the instructor, and was in free flight for about 40 seconds. He dreamed about this jump for about 10 years, and when he finally matured, he tried to do everything so that his family members did not know about this act in advance and did not forbid him to jump.
When asked why he decided to jump at such an advanced age, Gary simply said, ” We only live once, and we only die once.”

The most fun birthday

A birthday party attended by several thousand uninvited guests
A 16-year-old Dutch resident from Haren forgot that Facebook invitations should only be sent to selected friends. Instead, the girl placed an ad about the upcoming party in the public domain, so that any user of the social network could see it.
News on Facebook, as you know, spread quite quickly, so the party gathered several thousand people who want to congratulate the birthday girl. On September 21, 2012, in Haren, the police had something to do, namely to restrain a crowd of thousands walking the streets of the city in the hope of finding the culprit of the celebration.
Passions began to heat up and eventually the party turned into a real city riots with arson and carnage.

A gift from the boss

We are used to receiving gifts for birthdays, but some especially generous birthday people are willing to give gifts themselves. For example, the owner of the company Bob Moore on his 81st birthday made an unusual gift to his subordinates, namely, gave them his company!

This happened in 2010, when the CEO of Red Mill Natural Foods presented a new plan to acquire shares by employees, that is, in fact, gave the company to its 209 employees. Today, employees of the company own the building, land, and securities of the company that produces flour and cereals.

The exact value of the business remains a mystery, but in 2004 the company made a profit of around $ 24 million. It is known that the company gained momentum every year, increasing profits by 20-30 percent annually.

The most unusual birthday gift


A sculptor from India named Hussein shocked the public with an unusual gift that was prepared for the 65th anniversary of the chief Minister of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Jayaram Jayalalita.

The artist made a bust of the Minister from.. your own frozen blood! However, the raw material for the work he also borrowed from his students, who donated 4.5 liters. In total, the bust took 11 liters. With this unusual gift, Hussein wanted to thank the official for supporting his archery Association and for developing the sport in the state.
Hussein conceived the sculpture a long time ago and collected 6.5 liters of his own blood, which he prepared for a special occasion for 8 years. To make an ice sculpture, the artist first made a silicone mold, then poured blood into it and kept it frozen in this form for several months at a temperature of -27 degrees Celsius.

The sculpture was also a kind of call for state citizens to donate blood for medical purposes, which would help save many lives.

102-year-old woman jumped from a bridge

More recently, in early June 2013, a brave old woman, a resident of Idaho, Dorothy Custer, in honor of her 102nd birthday, decided to jump with a parachute from a bridge. The brave grandmother used the help of an instructor and performed the jump in tandem.
After the jump, the old woman said that the secret of her long life is constant movement, she is not new to extreme sports.

Another brave old lady Doris long from Hampshire, who turned a little less, or rather 99, celebrated her birthday by descending from a high-rise building in may 2013. Today, she is considered the oldest person to descend from a height on a rope. This was the 13th descent from the height since Doris first decided to do it at the age of 85.
This year, Doris broke her own record by making a 35-meter descent from the University of Portsmouth building. The old woman’s goal was not just to have fun and attract attention, but also to raise charitable funds for the Rowans Hospice.

A sporty lifestyle even on your birthday

In March 2013, Matt Richter-sand, a sports coach, celebrated his birthday in an unusual way: on this day, he went up and down the Santa Monica stairs 100 times in order to draw attention to the American Association of diabetics. He said it was like walking up the steps of new York’s Empire state building 10 times.

“Our life cannot be static at any given time, we move either forward or backward. Every new year we have an opportunity to turn everything around us. I want to celebrate my 31st birthday in a special way, ” Matt said in an interview.

How to celebrate a birthday?

If you don’t have any new ideas or extreme celebrations aren’t for you, you can come up with something like costume parties.
For example, the management of a Russian financial company decided to celebrate the company’s birthday not as usual with a Banquet, contests and a sea of alcohol, but to start with a much more interesting idea, namely to send employees on a tour… to a real prison.

The organizers of this unusual holiday not only found a suitable place to take all the participants of the holiday, but also provided them with a full immersion in the environment. Until the last moment, all employees were sure that they were going on a tour to an old Russian city, where after they were waiting for a Banquet and fun, but they were waiting for a surprise!

If you have no one to celebrate your birthday with, or your friends are not particularly fond of feasts and gatherings with a drink, you can use a special service and hire a drinking companion for the celebration. Firms that offer such services usually specialize in organizing holidays and parties, but can also perform individual orders for the client.

Employees of the company who work as “drinking buddies” actually know how to entertain guests: they sing, play musical instruments and read poetry, in other words, do everything to make you not bored.

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