What does not need to give the child

What things and toys are undesirable to present as a gift to a child, as they may be unnecessary or harmful

Going to the birthday of a little Tomboy who just learned to sit or walk, as well as just to visit where there is a small child, you need to carefully approach the choice of a gift. It is easier for people who have offspring to solve the problem, but for those who have only seen children from afar, they have to think. Among the abundance of toys, clothing, care supplies, there are things that are not desirable to present as a gift.

What gifts should not be given to a child

1. Sweets in a beautiful package. Shelves in stores are full of various sweets, marmalade, chewing gum. However, many children suffer from frequent allergic reactions, refuse to eat normal food because of sweets. Parents will clearly not be happy if the beloved child will have a rash all over the body, the tummy will start to hurt.

2. Loud toys. It is usually not possible to adjust the volume of the sound on toys. If the sound is too sharp and loud, the baby may get scared. The non-timid recipient of the gift, being interested, will turn on the music again and again, unnerving parents, and, perhaps, neighbors.


3. Dangerous object. Among the many game sets you can find swords, knives, Darts, guns with plastic bullets and many other products that are dangerous to give the baby. Your baby might hurt himself, hurt someone from the family members.

4. Constructors that include a lot of small parts. Children under 3 years old should not be given small items at all, since they taste everything, and can swallow a piece of the constructor. The older offspring will be interesting to have fun, collecting a bunch of little things in one piece, but the parents will have to clean it all up. This may become a problem for them.

5. Large plush toys. Huge soft bears, horses, and dogs attract the eye when entering the store. But it is undesirable to give preference to such a product. First, it takes up a lot of space in the room, and secondly, the baby can get scared, and third, it collects dust, and it is problematic to wash it.

6. Clothing and shoes. Just 30 years ago, any parents would have been insanely happy with new tights, a jacket or shoes given to their offspring, because at that time it was difficult to dress and put on their child. Now the situation has changed, there are hundreds of varieties of clothing and shoes for every height and build in the markets and stores. And children, as soon as they can walk, decide what they will wear. So such a gift for a child may be unnecessary.

It is best to consult with the mother and father of the Tomboy, choosing a gift in order to give him pleasure.

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