What to give for a birthday for 16, 17 and 18 years

In life, once there are 18 years, as well as 16 and 17! These wonderful dates require special gifts. Tips to help those who want to make a memorable, pleasant and useful surprise for a young man or girl who meets their beautiful anniversaries.
What to give a child for 16-18 years-kartinkavozrastnoy period from 16 to 18 years — one of the happiest! At this age, young people are looking forward to every birthday, wanting to quickly become adults and independent. 16, 17 and 18 years — round dates on which it is customary to give good memorable gifts. What should be in a beautiful gift box?

What to give a girl for her birthday

If we are talking about the daughter, niece or girlfriend then the best gift on any of these dates will be a piece of jewelry. First, this gift looks great, and secondly, it will remain with the birthday girl for many years, and will always remind her of the wonderful unique age, and of the person who presented the memorable gift.

Modern girls can’t live without mobile phones and computers. A functional cell phone, thin laptop or tablet computer is a welcome gift for a school graduate or University student. To those who like to consider photographs like a digital photo frame is the best replacement of traditional albums and frames for photos.

A friend of 16 or 17 years old can be given a good set of cosmetics, her favorite perfume, fashion jewelry or jewelry storage box. If you want to please your girlfriend with a practical gift, you can buy a silk nightgown, a small handbag or an automatic umbrella with an unusual pattern.

If one of the girlfriends is celebrating her 18th birthday, it’s better to get together with other girls and buy something expensive and memorable. Alone, you can give a paid photo session — let it perpetuate its beauty for a long time. From practical things suitable hair dryer, straightener or Curling iron. If all this is already there, you should pay attention to the small models — they are convenient to take with you on the road and on vacation.

You can even give your sister personal items for her birthday, such as a modern functional epilator. If the relationship is close, it is quite acceptable to present a weight control scale or a Hoop with massage balls as a present.

What to please on a young person’s birthday

You can make a good memorable gift for your son on such a significant date in life — an expensive watch. It is also appropriate for a 16-18-year-old boy to give electronics for his birthday: a Communicator, a tablet, a laptop, a digital camera. All this is sure to find a worthy application in the life of a young person.

A friend who is 16, 17, or 18 years old can be given an external hard drive with a large amount of memory, wireless headphones for a computer, or good speakers. With great gratitude, the guy will accept a universal battery as a gift, which can extend the life of the phone or tablet.

To impress your favorite guy, you need to choose cool gifts. A young person who is celebrating his sixteenth birthday will like a drink cooler in the form of a miniature refrigerator powered by USB. A fan of winning computer games will need a gaming mouse, and a music connoisseur will like a miniature speaker that supports various devices and memory cards.

It is difficult to find a gift for a young man for 18 years, if immediately after his birthday he will be taken to the army. Since he can’t take something material with him, you need to give emotions! A wonderful gift for a guy will be a certificate for a parachute jump, an active holiday in an amusement Park or horseback riding. For this important date, it is recommended to give your son a trip to a tourist base, a holiday with friends in a cafe or a game of bowling for the whole big company. Surprise a friend is also not difficult — just give him a ticket for a massage, let him get a lot of pleasure before a year of difficult army life.

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