What to give for a birthday of 10, 11 and 12 years-a boy, a girl

As a child, every birthday is looked forward to. To make the holiday unforgettable, the birthday person needs to be surrounded with attention and good gifts. What to give a girl or a boy of 10-12 years? These tips will help you make the right choice.
What to give a child of 10-12 years-picture for a child of 10-12 years birthday — the second favorite holiday after the New year. Should I remind you that the birthday boy should never be left without a gift? The main thing is to find something that will really please the growing up person who is on the threshold of the teenage stage.

What to give a boy of 10-12 years

At this age, boys spend most of their personal time at the computer, it becomes a tool for learning, a place of rest, and a means of communicating with friends. The best gift for a boy of 10-12 years will be a tablet computer or his own laptop.

A friend can buy a wireless computer mouse or new headphones for listening to music or communicating via Internet telephony as a gift. A great gift for your brother will be good speakers for your computer or a universal speaker that supports various devices.

So that the boy does not sit all day at the computer, and often visited the street, you can please him on his birthday with a radio-controlled car, helicopter or boat. These toys are now very popular even among adult men, so the gift will be happy not only the hero of the occasion, but also his father.

If you need a not very expensive gift for a friend, you can choose something from the category of fun gifts. We will be happy to accept one of the unusual alarm clocks, which is difficult to sleep through the first lesson. You can also buy glowing Shoe laces, a shower radio, a keychain with unusual effects, or an anti-stress desktop punching bag.

To decorate a room for a boy’s birthday, you can give him an interesting lamp or a projector clock that reflects the time on the ceiling. A great gift for a classmate will be one of the unusual Souvenirs that float in the air due to the magnetic field, such as a globe or a functional pen.

What to please a girl 10-12 on her birthday

Choosing a good gift for a girl is not much more difficult than for a boy. You can give your daughter a stylish watch, it is desirable to find something original and age-appropriate. It is not necessary to choose a wrist model, it can be a watch in the form of a pendant or ring.

A good gift for a younger sister of 10-12 years on her birthday will be a fashionable handbag, at this age girls love all sorts of accessories, so this important female item will not be superfluous. No less useful will be a beautiful automatic umbrella with an unusual pattern or romantic ruffles.

A friend for 10 years can be bought as a gift a beautiful purse, a stylish stand for pens, a bright pencil case or a diary in an unusual cover. A 12-year-old girl can be given a small box for her first jewelry, an original frame, or a cool photo supply. If a friend is fond of needlework, then a wonderful gift for her will be something that will be useful to her in creativity: a set for embroidery, embroidery frame, a set of knitting needles or hooks.

Girls 10-12 years old love soft toys. A fluffy puppy or a soft kitten may well act as a gift. For a surprise, both a huge animal and a small toy animal are suitable, as long as they do not look like toys for kids. Many girls in 10-11 years still continue to play with dolls, they can buy a ceramic Princess or a toy-a prototype of the heroes of famous movies and cartoons.

If the girl is mobile, then roller skates will be a welcome gift for her, so that they do not turn out to be small in six months, it is recommended to choose sliding models. Do not lose sight of the fact that young ladies at this age do not want to keep up with fashion, as a gift to their daughter or niece, you can safely buy clothes and shoes — these things the birthday girl will be very happy.

If your daughter needs a new phone or plans to buy a tablet computer, then this purchase is recommended to coincide with her birthday. Any electronics will be gladly accepted as a gift, and parents will kill two birds with one stone with this step.

A good and useful gift can be a backpack. How to choose a backpack read here: http://nomadbackpackervaringen.com

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