First birthday gifts

What to give for a birthday to a child for 1, 2 and 3 years — a boy, a girl

When going to a child’s birthday party, every adult is faced with the problem of choosing a gift. These useful tips will help you choose pleasant surprises for the youngest birthday and birthday girls of 1, 2 and 3 years.
What to give a child for 1, 2 and 3 years-picture birthday of a small child-a holiday not only for the baby, but also for his parents. In the first years of life, children do not yet realize the full solemnity of the event, so it is quite possible to give those gifts that will help parents save the family budget on necessary purchases. Of course, the hero of the occasion should never be left without proper attention — a small toy will bring joy even to a one-year-old birthday boy.

What to give a boy for 1 year

To make your baby happy when celebrating their first birthday, you can buy musical bath toys, a play Mat, or a toy phone. Now there are a lot of educational and educational toys for children of this age, with their help, kids learn to distinguish the voices of animals, develop fine motor skills and a sense of rhythm.

From inexpensive gifts for boys, it is worth looking at tumblers, locomotives, plastic cars, gurneys, molds for the sandbox. Soft toys in the form of familiar animals or heroes of popular cartoons are also not alien to future men.

What to give a girl for 1 year

Girls almost from the day of birth are not indifferent to dolls, so the best gift for a little Princess will be a soft baby doll of a small size. Also, a one-year-old baby can be given a Teddy bear, a fluffy kitten or a toy puppy with kind eyes for the first anniversary in her life.

A little fashionista and her parents will like an elegant dress, a fashionable jumpsuit or a jacket for the season. Choosing beautiful things for a girl, it is desirable to be safe with the size and buy clothes with a small margin.

What to give a boy for 2 years

At 2 years old, boys are happy to play with cars, so any toy vehicles will be accepted with delight. This can be not only cars and buses, but also various special equipment in the form of fire engines, excavators and cranes.

A young musician will like various musical instruments, for example: guitar, piano, violin, drum or saxophone. A novice artist can buy a children’s easel.

Every child dreams of his own house, where you can hide from adults, alone with your favorite toys. A boy for 2 years can buy a children’s play tent as a gift, most likely, the hero of the occasion will be happy with such a surprise and will be happy to spend his holiday there.

What to give a girl for 2 years

A little birthday girl celebrating her second birthday will be very happy with an interactive doll or soft toy. No less delight will cause a high chair for feeding, a doll’s bed or a stroller for walking with your favorite toy “daughters”.

If you want to make a useful gift, the girl can buy something from clothes. And as a small addition, give crayons for drawing in the bathroom, washed off with water, a volume book, blocks with the alphabet or a small handbag.

What to give a girl for 3 years

At the age of three, girls play role-playing games with great interest: in the doctor, in the store, in the Barber shop. Toy kitchen sets and beauty accessories are especially popular among future Housewives.

Every girl’s dream is a Dollhouse with furniture. You can give something from this area, for example, a set for a doll’s bedroom, a sound kitchen, a washing machine, or a set of toy dishes.

What to give a boy for 3 years

At the age of three, the boys already see themselves as defenders of the Motherland and enjoy playing with weapons. Any boy will be happy to get a toy machine gun, pistol or rifle for his birthday. You can also buy a game military set consisting of a tank and soldiers.

In order for a future man to learn how to handle tools for home repairs from childhood, it is recommended to give a young birthday boy a toy chainsaw, a repair shop or a set of tools with a drill and numerous screwdrivers.

Another great idea for a gift for a boy for 3 years is a railway. This toy remains popular and favorite among boys for several decades.

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