What to give for a birthday to a child of 4, 5 and 6 years — a boy, a girl

It’s easy to bring joy to your child on his birthday: you need to choose a good gift! Tips for those who are looking for a surprise for a boy or girl 4-6 years old. Ideas that will help you find a gift that will delight your baby.
What to give a child 4, 5 and 6 years-kartinkaden-birthday is a favorite holiday of children, especially in early childhood, when you want to become an adult and independent faster. It’s no secret that kids love their name day also for the reason that on this day they are given all sorts of gifts. How can you please a young birthday boy to give him pleasure and cause joy?

What to give a child of preschool age
Children 4, 5 and 6 years old love to play in houses.

A great gift for a son or daughter at this age will be a fabric tent or a plastic toy house, where you can hide from strangers and be alone with your favorite Teddy bear.

By the way, the traditional soft toys were replaced by interactive animals that can respond to stroking, pronounce sounds in time, give a paw, run and jump. This gift is sure to delight the little hero of the occasion.

Going to a birthday party for a boy or girl of preschool age, you can buy an educational game, for example, a set of a magician, a magnetic alphabet, a mosaic or a constructor. A good gift for a future student will be an electronic sound poster that helps you learn letters and numbers, as well as learn the principles of building words and solving problems.

What to give a boy 4-6 years old

Any boy will be happy if he gets a railway as a gift. Over the past decades, this toy has improved and become even more interesting than a couple of decades ago. If the hero of the occasion likes to drive cars more than to drive trains, a game set with a freeway or a Parking lot for toy cars will be suitable for a gift.

The car is another win-win option for a young birthday boy. This can be cars, trucks, and special equipment. Even more impressive will be the interactive toy transport, driven by a remote control.

If a child is interested in music, it is worth to please him with one of the children’s musical instruments. A wonderful gift will be a toy guitar, drum or piano.

It is difficult to find a boy who would be indifferent to robots. An interactive robot that can move and play with light, or a transformer robot that changes its appearance at the request of its owner, will be a great birthday gift for your son or grandson.

What to give a girl 4-6 years old

For your favorite daughter’s birthday, you can buy a gift game set for playing in the store, which includes everything you need to sell and buy goods. If you need an inexpensive gift for a girl, you should look at individual items: cash registers, carts, scales.

A young assistant will definitely need a cleaning kit, a toy vacuum cleaner or a washing machine. To instill a love of cooking in a girl, it is enough to buy her a set of doll dishes, a toy kitchen, a mixer, a meat grinder or an oven for her birthday.

Girls from an early age want to be beautiful themselves. So that the baby does not interfere with her mother to get ready for work, turning in front of the mirror, she needs to give her own dressing table. Let the fashionista have her own hair dryer, a children’s set of cosmetics and all the necessary accessories to create a unique style!

What else can I give a girl for her birthday? Of course, the doll! At the age of 4-6 years, expectant mothers love to Tinker with dolls that resemble babies in appearance. It is advisable to choose models that can be dressed, waved and bathed in water. If there are already a lot of dolls, it is better to give a crib for toy abodes at home, a stroller for comfortable walks or a set for bathing pups.

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