What to give for a birthday to a child of 7, 8 and 9 years — a boy, a girl

Primary school children are looking forward to their birthday. The reason for this is the numerous gifts that guests come with. How not to disappoint the birthday boy and how to please a boy or girl of 7-9 years on the most favorite holiday.
What to give a child of 7, 8 and 9 years-picture birthday — the most important holiday, which over the years, many begin to underestimate. As a child, no negative birthday does not cause, and it is especially pleasant that all guests come with gifts! What can you do to please a young birthday boy of 7, 8 and 9 years, so that the holiday turns out to be joyful and will be remembered for a long time?

What to give a boy for his birthday

Your favorite son can buy a toy car repair shop or a mobile service station that comes to the aid of broken cars as a gift. If the cars are no longer subject to repair or have ceased to be interesting to the grown-up “driver”, a birthday is a great reason to buy a radio-controlled model.

No less joy will cause a radio-controlled helicopter-the dream of all boys and their dads. By the way, this gift will motivate the father to spend more time with his son. If you want to spend money more usefully, it is better to buy a tablet computer — for a primary school student, this surprise will be one of the most pleasant.

Iron man is a favorite movie of many boys of this age, each of them will be happy to become owners of their own robot that can make sounds and give light signals. You can also look at robots-transformers, in addition to exciting games, they contribute to the development of technical abilities.

To make a real man grow out of a boy who knows how to hold a hammer and a screwdriver, he needs to give a children’s set of a home master. And so that a child learns to appreciate his own and others ‘ time from childhood, he should be awarded a personal wrist watch.

What to give a girl 7-9 years old for her birthday

Girls at this age are already beginning to follow fashion, so they are happy to accept dresses and jewelry as a gift. Beautiful dresses, fashionable jackets and branded sneakers give young beauties no less pleasure than robots and planes to their peers.

Girls 7-9 years old like to play with dolls, create cozy houses for them and cook dinners. To make the game more interesting, you can buy one of the game sets as a gift. Their choice is huge: functional kitchens, furniture for different rooms, sets of dishes, sets for a toy store and a doll’s hospital. There is always room for a refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, mixer, washing machine and coffee maker in the doll house.

At this age, dolls are still relevant. Adult girls no longer try to find out what the doll has inside, so they can give ceramic beauties that require careful treatment.

What gift to choose for a friend or a friend

A boy of 7-9 years old can buy a gift set for game battles, consisting of cowboys, Indians or soldiers. A welcome gift will be a submachine gun or a pistol that shoots suckers, a water weapon or a telescope.

Football is a favorite game of many boys. Any birthday person will be happy to accept a gift set for playing football on the street: a folding plastic gate and a ball. You can also consider a Board game of football or hockey.

A fan of a quiet pastime will like the constructor, from which you can assemble planes, helicopters or military equipment. Also, this boy will like an entertaining puzzle game or puzzles.

For a girl’s birthday, you can buy a ball for gymnastics, a beautiful children’s clock for the room, or an interesting lamp as a gift. If a friend likes to do needlework, then she will like sets for embroidery or beading.

A young fashionista can be presented with a set of children’s cosmetics or a set of jewelry, a beautiful hairpin or an elegant handbag. A girl of 7-9 years old will be suitable for a gift pajamas or a cozy Terry robe.

If you need a small and practical gift, you should look at school supplies. A beautiful pencil case, a set of markers, a folder for notebooks — all this can be given to a friend for her birthday.

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