Why do we celebrate birthdays?

Why should we celebrate a birthday? 

We are so used to celebrating a birthday that we often do not even think about why we do it, how important it is for us. In fact, there is much more to the traditional celebration than a pleasant custom.

It is no coincidence that many people periodically think about whether to celebrate a birthday, and feel mixed feelings about its approach. Why do some people celebrate their birthday, while others refuse to do it on principle? Psychologists give us answers to these difficult questions.

Is it important to celebrate a birthday?

If we are talking about childhood and adolescence, then this question is not even raised: this is one of the favorite holidays of children, which they are waiting for with great joy. After about 20 years, we begin to celebrate only round dates more or less widely. From the point of view of psychology, it is useful to celebrate your birthday, and for several reasons at once. This is a multi-dimensional and multi-functional holiday.

For many, it is necessary to make sure once again that they are still not forgotten. This is especially necessary for women whose children have grown up and may have left the family nest. But men also need it, and at different stages of life. A birthday is both a personal holiday, which is an occasion for organizing a celebration, and a way to fuel your self-esteem, and even a subconscious desire for the prenatal period — a time when we felt 100% safe. After all, celebrating the day of birth can replace or complement certain life stages. In today’s society, celebrating a birthday is, among other things, a test of the strength of our emotional relationships. This is what we want more than our ancestors, because today social ties are being weakened. Much depends on how we understand the celebration – as a modest meal for family and a few friends, or something more large-scale. At the same time, the first option, according to experts, may have more psychological advantages.

What is a birthday for women and men?

Birthday is, first of all, a celebration of women, because they help a new person to be born. We are talking about the continuation of the family, belonging to it, creating family relationships. Why celebrate a man’s birthday? Because most of them want to honor themselves, their achievements, material success, and feel proud that they have won prestigious contacts and friendships, despite the passage of time. In other words, celebrate the holiday from more selfish,” narcissistic ” motives. These differences explain why the stronger sex is more likely than the beautiful, forgets about the date of the first meeting, other people’s birthdays, wedding anniversaries or death, etc. they celebrate Their own significant dates much more willingly. Women are mainly guided by the desire to maintain and develop emotional, social, and family ties. Thus, a woman’s birthday is gratitude, congratulations, unity, and a man’s birthday is self-affirmation and “monitoring” of one’s own influence.

Does birthday celebration make it easier to accept old age?

Whether to celebrate a birthday in a Mature, elderly age, because it makes you feel more acutely the course of time flowing like sand through your fingers? Psychologists say that under certain conditions, celebrating helps you grow older more comfortably or make it easier to accept your chronological age, bringing it closer to the subjective age, that is, to the age at which we feel. What are these conditions? We must be relatively healthy, have a developed network of social and emotional relationships that give meaning to our lives — and then the birthday will not be problematic. Moreover, if these conditions are met, the celebration of a “very adult” date can increase self-esteem, strengthen self-esteem, help in creating a life balance and making certain decisions, help to combine different stages of the past and start implementing new projects (for example, to start fulfilling long-standing dreams).

However, this does not mean that it is desirable to celebrate every birthday. Celebrating, for example, the 70th anniversary does not necessarily help to grow old: imposed from the outside, it can make the hero of the day feel the prospect of imminent death, which, of course, will not do him good. The mood of a particular person is important here.


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