Baby birthday

“With new happiness”, or how to celebrate the birth of a child

Immediately after the birth of the child, the mother does not have time for a holiday. The body departs from the severe stress that it experienced during childbirth, it actively recovers and prepares for feeding the baby. Nevertheless, this is a great joy for the new mother’s family, especially for the father.

Therefore, they have every right to celebrate this event. Later, about a month later, a viewing is usually held, where parents accept congratulations from relatives and friends. It is necessary to prepare very well, and for this it is important to know how to celebrate the birth of a child.

Meeting from the hospital

Perhaps the very first celebration of the birth of a baby is a solemn trip to the maternity hospital for the child and back. Ask your husband to take care of the car, cake and champagne for the medical staff, but he will not forget about the flowers for you. The house should be cleaned. Your parents will help your newly minted dad prepare for this task – he will be happy to hand over this part of his duties to them. Since you are weak, you do not need special celebrations now, and your son or daughter does not need guests now. Therefore, ask your husband not to invite any of his friends and family except his parents to your home. All adults will understand that this is not a reason for a stormy celebration.

Month of the birthday

The first meal can be organized when the baby celebrates its first anniversary – 1 month. Only the people closest to the family should be invited, preferably without children. During this time, you will have time to restore your strength, but do not take on all the responsibilities of the organization. Leave yourself the most pleasant decoration, and let your assistants do the rest – your friends, sisters, and mothers. Make a menu, and they can crumble salads, arrange the table. Put a grocery shopping trip on your husband.

A separate room must be set aside for the child – he will quickly get tired and get cranky if you do not take him to a comfortable quiet room in time, where you can calmly feed him and put him to bed.

Special gift

Modern society is very skeptical of traditions, despite the fact that they hold. Family traditions are the basis of strong relationships. Why not make it a custom to give a special gift for every child’s birthday? If you needlework, you can still start embroidering a small picture for the baby in the hospital. And after each year, give one picture.

Another option is figurines of animals that patronize the year. For example, the baby was born in the year of the snake-give him immediately a figure of a snake, then-the next patron, and so on. It can also be gold or silver coins — by 18, he will have a real collection and a small capital, because precious metals do not lose their value, unlike money.

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